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SQLite Maestro is the premier SQLite admin tool for database management
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SQLite is a free, open-source, and cross-platform database engine. It has the advantage of minimizing usage of system resources, but it has a great disadvantage, that the administration client works only via the command line. SQLite Maestro is programmed in order to help you solving this issue; it provides you with an administration GUI (Graphical User Interface) over this database type, so you can enjoy the lightning speed of SQLite servers.

The program can connect to both Mac, Unix, and Windows remote servers. Unfortunately, the program cannot connect to SQLite databases with versions below 2.8. Since SQLite depends upon a single file database storage, then you need to use HTTP tunneling, or download the database locally in order to access it.

If you don't currently have any SQLite databases, you can simply use the "Create new database" wizard to create a password-protected database. Once successfully created, you can connect to it, by creating a new "database profile", and you can then start adding tables to it.

Now, after you have created a fully operational SQLite database, you can have full control over your data; you can insert the data that you want to the created tables, and you can modify your database design at anytime. Furthermore, you can utilize the visual query editor to import data by running SQL queries, or to run any useful SQL commands.

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